What is Data Governance?

Data Governance is the sustainable commitment to a company’s information through the orchestration of people, process, and technology to deliver tangible business value and reduce risk.

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Our Services

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to optimize your current data governance practice, INKU utilizes a realistic and sensible methodology tailored to your specific needs. Our methodology creates tangible value and reduces risk. Data governance is so much more than just policies or a tool. With more than fifteen years of practical experience in data governance and data management, we know how to ensure your success even when the course changes.

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Our Focus

People and processes enable a successful data governance practice. Your employees — those who collect, analyze, manage and use your data — are the most vital component of successful data governance and data management.

Our Methodology

With our data governance methodology, you gain the right structure and processes for overall management of your data’s availability, usability, reliability and security. We focus on the tangible benefits that data governance provides the organization, and that standards and processes are defined and understood so everyone in your organization can find the trusted information they need and use it in the right way.

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INKU provides intellectual leadership and partners with your data governance organization to enable the information management practice.

Our Results

Data governance results in trusted data being developed and maintained — so it is a corporate asset as valuable as your people, products and services.

INKU’s data governance services can:

  • Generate business value
  • Empower information strategy
  • Improve company processes and productivity
  • Reduce risk and ensure compliance
  • Create trust in your data

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