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INKU Data Governance Services

INKU has a diverse set of services from assessing your current data governance practice to enabling your information strategy. We work with your business and technical people to create a custom data governance methodology specifically for you.

Additionally, we can help you integrate data governance into business and technical engagements such as Mergers and Acquisitions and Master Data Management.

Learn about the data governance services that INKU offers to support your business strategy and enable your data as a corporate asset.

The best plans for the future are forged when you know where you are today. INKU applies its cross-industry knowledge to provide insight into your company’s current data governance and information management practices with recommendations on an actionable plan forward.

INKU will work to create the underlying foundation – the framework – for all components of your data governance practice including processes, resource requirements, deliverables, artifacts and technology. INKU’s goal is to assure that your company will have all the components in place to implement a successful data governance practice with a focus on the processes and people.

The roll out of a data governance practice occurs when words on paper turn into action. Success depends on the mindful roll-out of your data governance framework as the company becomes an information-centric company. INKU has experience in rolling out revised or new data governance practices for companies large or small across a variety of industries.

Once implemented, the data governance practice must be managed to ensure it is providing value to the company and is compliant to its information policies. Without proper management, the data governance practice will stagnate and fail. INKU will work with you to define the proper measurements and framework to ensure the data governance practice will evolve and succeed.

Everyone wants to find new uses for or to monetize their information. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as finding an audience for your content and then sitting back while the money comes rolling in. An effective information strategy is a concerted effort that needs to be aligned with the business and technical strategies. INKU can help you define your information strategy to be the catalyst that enables new uses for your data including its monetization.

The successful implementation and management of a business glossary goes well beyond the stand-up of a piece of technology. INKU can provide the leadership to harmonize disparate processes, roles, and content to create an enterprise metadata practice. Additionally, INKU can support your company to define, implement, and manage an enterprise business glossary.

Companies oftentimes have multiple technologies and processes to monitor and present data quality results to business users. INKU will work with you to define the enterprise data quality processes and presentation methods which will allow for the consolidation of disparate efforts. We will also work with you to integrate your business glossary content with the data quality process.

How data is retained and for how long is an essential discipline to master in a world deluged with data. INKU will help your company create an enterprise level data retention schedule. Subsequently, INKU will help actualize the data retention schedule through the definition of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) functional requirements and a plan to consolidate and roll out enterprise level data retention and ILM capabilities.

Companies understand and are generally very effective when it comes to the application of role-based security for systems and data repositories. The challenges include a lack of understanding of the privacy requirements of its data, how the data is disseminated, and direct data connections. INKU has experience helping companies with a variety of security related challenges and we can help your company. We will validate your current practices and provide recommendations on actions to improve as well as the integration of security and privacy activities with your business glossary practice.

If your company is not ready to start a data governance practice but wants to understand what it will take to create, implement, and manage one, then INKU can help. INKU’s data governance roadmap is based on real experiences and includes high-level components and detailed tasks that make up a multi-year roadmap. INKU will customize the roadmap by integrating your current data governance and information management activities.

Companies with existing or new data governance practices can benefit from a Data Governance Maturity Assessment. For newbies, this assessment will provide some insight into how to move forward with the specific components of data governance. For an existing company the assessment can shed light on your program if it is not performing as expected or is stagnating. INKU will work with your company to establish your current state, document the desired future state, and provide recommendations to ensure that your company achieves the data governance maturity it needs.

A successful master data implementation often eludes a company even after several attempts. An effective data governance practice is the catalyst to ensure that master data is implemented at the required level of the company and in support of the business strategy. INKU will leverage its cross-industry knowledge of master data and how data governance empowers your master data to ensure its successful definition, implementation and management.

Similar to Master Data Management, a successful Reference Data Management implementation often remains elusive to many companies even after several attempts. An effective data governance practice provides the leadership to ensure success with reference data definition, implementation and management. INKU will apply its cross-industry knowledge of reference data and provide leadership to the data governance team to enable successful reference data management.

INKU can help your company define the Chief Data Officer (CDO) job description including role and responsibilities, organizational alignment and incentives. We can also develop the CDO hiring process including interview questions as well as the interview team. Additionally, we will work with your company to create a list of quick hits that will improve your data governance and information management practices which will ensure the CDO’s success and make the role more appealing to candidates.

Whether hiring a Chief Data Officer (CDO) or working with a seasoned professional, INKU can help your CDO maximize their effectiveness and ensure that data governance and information management practices support the business strategies of the company. INKU will work with your CDO to hone their responsibilities, organization and goals to ensure success for both your CDO and your company.

Training of resources is often dismissed which leads to a lack of understanding and adoption for your data governance practice. INKU has created and presented customized training that introduces resources to the different components of data governance as well as detailed training for specific business roles. We can help you assemble the content for your training and partner with you to conduct the training as required.

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