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INKU’s data governance methodology gets your information house in order. Even as data volume and variety continue to grow, we put your data to smarter use. We know that business suffers when when the quality, usability and reliability of your data are poor.

What sets INKU apart? We focus on data governance delivering tangible business value to your organization. We help you treat your information as a corporate asset. And we know that your employees are the most vital component of creating successful data governance and information management practices for your company.

INKU offers a thorough, systematic approach to developing and maintaining data governance and information management, with defined standards and practices that capitalize on your data’s potential to drive business and profits.

Mark Plessinger

INKU Founder and CEO

INKU was founded in 2013 in Columbus, Ohio by Mark Plessinger. Mark founded INKU because he knows that data governance can be a profit center for an organization and should be responsible for ensuring that information becomes a strategic asset for the company. Mark has over 20 years of experience in business and IT with the last 10 years focused on data governance and information management. His expertise includes defining and implementing new data governance practices as well as revitalizing data governance organizations that have stagnated or failed previously.

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